Code Formatter for Blogger and WordPress

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Posted By.... Manoj Kumar   on   2015-05-16  

Code Formatter for Blogger and WordPress

Copy here the code which you want to format and click the format button to check how the code looks like. Then follow the instructions to copy the piece of code that gets generated into your blog or wordpress where you have to display it. This tool supports almost all programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, PHP,, VB.Net, Visual Basic,, ASP etc.

It does not add unnecessary tags into formatted code. It uses only html with formatted source code.

You do not have to be worried about the code as it is pure HTML

This will be supported by both div based and table based website design

Copy the Your Source Code and Paste Here
Choose The Formatting Options (Default/Pre-populated values are preferable)
1) Need Line Numbering in code :
2) Need Alternative Background :
3) Remove blank lines :
4) Convert Tab into Space :
5) Embed styles / Stylesheet :
Here is your Formatted Source Code. You can copy this to blog/wordpress etc.
This is how the Output formatted code looks like on your Blog or Wordpress

Code Formatter for Blogger and WordPress

If you like to show the above post on your web site or blog, you can just copy the below line into the location of your web site or blog where you like to place this post.

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