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This Website is developed with a vision to help Internet Users of different segments in all possible ways. There are various applications listed below and which are available in this Website for your usage.

Application Development And Testing Platform
Online Traffic Exchange
Online Free Classifieds/Advertisements
Know About Scam and Legit Sites/Programs. "Know Scam/Legit Sites" application creates general awareness among the people who use internet and deal with functionalities of various Websites in their day to day life. It will allow any user with a valid email id to introduce any web page for public review. When a Website is registered with our application you can feel free to vote in favour or against the site based on your experience with the program. This really helps other internet users in terms of finding out the real fact about any site in the web. You can also add your comments on the site.
Get Awareness about Internet Frauds. Read the different cases based on which you could be fooled/cheated by Fraudsters and keep yourself away from such incidents.
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Online Traffic Exchange through www.gitarani.com

Application Development & Testing Platform

We do implement and develop Web Based Applications and involve in manual testing as well. We also take care of your Website hosting and maintenance. Please visit Application Development page to know more about this. In case you have any questions/queries about your own Website development or quality analysis, you can reach to us through Contact Us page.

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