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This is a project of Gitarani MI which has multiple functionalities to be used by smart and dynamic internet users.

We do implement and develop Web Based Applications and involve in manual testing as well. We also take care of your web site hosting and maintenance. Please visit Applications Development & Testing to know more about this.

Online Traffic Generation or Traffic Exchange application is developed and designed to help you get visitors to your site and promote your web pages. It provides a platform where you can have opportunity to get actual visitors to your site. For every site you visit in our application(By clicking "Start Surfing" which is otherwise known as browsing available web sites), you will gain one visitor back to your site/web page. We provide 1:1 Exchange Ratio. This is so simple! If you visit any other user's page for 20 Secs, your web page will get an exposure of 20 seconds surfing by any user across the Globe. There's no limit to the amount of free hits you can receive depending on the availability! You need to sign up/register with this program in order to start working. Registration is absolutely free and won't cost you a single dime.

Advertisement Section provides helpful and Useful Information. Classifieds

Visit Odisha(Soul of India) the wonderful state in India full of tourist spots.

Read the different cases basis on which you could be fooled/cheated by Fraudsters and keep yourself away from such issues. Know about Internet Frauds

"Know Scam/Legit Sites" application creates general awareness among the people who use internet and deal with many web sites in their day to day life. This application i.e. "Know Scam/Legit Sites" will allow any user with a valid email id to introduce any web page for public review. Once the web site is registered with our application you can feel free to vote in favor or against the site based on your experience. This will really help other internet users in finding out the real fact about any web site. You can also add your comments on the site.

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