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Take a tour of Odisha(Orissa), an Indian State. We would guarantee you a wonderful experience of your visit at a reasonable price!

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This site is developed under Gitarani MI project which intends to provide as much information as possible to know much about the wonderful places of Odisha, a state in India. It's otherwise known as SOUL OF INDIA

Odisha is blessed with around 500 KM long coast line and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Major beaches in Odisha include Gopalpur, Puri, Chandipur and Chandrabhaga. These spots are the wonderful locations to spend your holidays.

Odisha is a state with numerous rivers primarily fed by the monsoon rains. These rivers create gorges, river valleys, fertile basins and spectacular waterfalls as they cut through the state's undulating topography to join the Bay of Bengal. There are countless waterfalls that dot the landscape of Odisha. Barenhipani, Joranda, Badaghagra, Sanaghagra and Khandadhar waterfalls are the prominent ones in Odisha. Duduma, Harishankar, Handibhanga, Hatipathar, Khanduala, Miriglotah, Mruga Mahadev, Nrusimhanath, Phurli Jharan, Pradhanpat and Putudi are other minor waterfalls in a state that can be included in your tour to Odisha.

Odisha is a land of temples. The entire landscape of the state is interspersed with temples which ricochet about its great ancient past and a culture that is unmatched by any other civilization of the past. If you take Odisha's history into account, you can easily see that how the civilization of Odisha evolved around the temples of the state and how religion was blended in the thought actions and mind of the people here. Much needs to be said about the temples of Odisha. The Golden triangle of Odisha comprising Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark attracts tourists from around the world. There are hundreds of lesser known temples in Odisha. The city of Bhubaneswar abounds in temples built over a range of several centuries. An Odisha temple (deul) usually consists of a sanctum, one or several front porches (jagamohana) usually with pyramidal roofs, a dancing hall (nata mandir) and a hall of offerings (bhog mandir). The Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar boasts of a 150 foot high deul while the Janannath Temple at Puri is about 200 feet high and it dominates the skyline of the town. Only a portion of the Sun Temple at Konark, the largest of the temples of the Golden triangle exists today, and it is still staggering in size. It stands out as a masterpiece in the architecture of Odisha.

There are wild life sanctuaries in Odisha, which are visited by the tourists who come to the state. Some popular sanctuaries of the place are Nandankanan Zoological Park, Ushakothi Sanctuary, Mahandadi Wildlife Division and Simplipal National Park. Different kinds of plants like neem, arjun, casuarinas, sal, sandalwood and acacia. Many different species of animals like sambals, leopards, tigers, nilgaiands, elephants, chitas and wolves are found here.

Odisha provides newly wed couples to explore many nature abundant landscapes and to visit important historical sites.

You should at least visit once in a life time these places to enjoy its beauty. If you are planning for a vacation, then our experts are always available to help you explore these places with a reasonable price. Your travelling arrangement would be planned such that you can gain maximum entertainment in short duration. All you have to do is just contact us with the following Contact Information.

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