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Welcome to The Application Development PlatForm of Gitarani MI

Dear Visitor,

Gitarani MI is a software solutions and services provider company focused on web based application developed using various WEB Technologies. It is an industry which is driven by an ideology to make unique and easy to use software applications. The Development platform uses JAVA technologies for implementation of dynamic applications. It has been successful in delivering solutions and services in various fields like Medical, Clinic, Astrology, Trading and Business to customers world-wide. Our experts on HTML, DHTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS design and develop creative and dynamic web pages. We at Gitarani MI do handle manual Quality Assurance projects as well.

As everybody looks for improvement in their performance, they want service providers that handle critical challenges immediately in a smart way. So, our capabilities provide services with greater reliability, quality and productivity. That is why we leverage technology and management to different spheres of the industry.

Following are the couple of projects/applications which we accomplished successfully and are running in the WEB without fail.

Online Traffic Generator

Online Classifieds

Online Reviews & Voting Application

If you have any projects in your mind to get designed/developed related to web application or stand-alone application you can contact us at the following page for its development and implementation. We will guarantee standard and high quality service to you in accordance with your requirements in a cost effective manner.

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